Annual Awards

Annual Award Category Criteria


Each year, APCO chapter awards are presented to those who have showed excellence in their quality of service, work ethic, service to community, or handling of especially challenging situations.

The current nomination period for all awards is September 1, 2023 to August 31, 2024.

All nominations are due by Saturday, September 7, 2024 at 2359 MDT. Submit your nomination online!

Please note the following answers to FAQ:

  1. You do not need to be an APCO member to submit a nomination.
  2. You do not need to be an APCO member to be selected for an award.
  3. Nominations can be submitted to APCO all year long, but will not be accepted after the due date.
  4. Nominators are required to have the approval of the agency for which the nominee works for, prior to submitting a nomination.
  5. Although not required, nominators are encouraged to tell the nominee that they are being nominated.  Often the nominee, supervisor, or agency can provide valuable details to enhance the quality of the nomination, and increase the likeliness that it will be awarded.
  6. The best nominations are those with specific details about the successful handling of major incidents, or a nominee’s accomplishments, projects, and work ethic.  What sets the nominee apart from others in a positive way?  What significant impacts did they have that contributed to a successful project or resolving a difficult problem?  How did their participation in an event lead to a better outcome in the center, for the field units, or the public?  How did a group(s) work together on a challenging task?
  7. Supporting documentation goes a long way towards a successful nomination.  Letters of support (especially from administration), project scope, or incident details are all welcome.  However, CAD notes are usually inappropriate to submit.
  8. Nominations may be moved from one category to another as the chapter officers deem necessary.
  9. Individual award recipients receive a plaque, complimentary conference registration, and a guest banquet ticket.  Agency or group award recipients receive a plaque and a complimentary banquet and vendor show ticket.

Nine awards are given in the following categories:

Dispatcher of the Year – Awarded to the dispatcher for service above and beyond the call of duty in all areas of work performance. The recipient is recognized for consistently going the extra mile in serving the public, officers, deputies, troopers, fire fighters, EMS personnel, administration, other agencies and co-workers.

Dispatch Incident of the Year – Awarded to a dispatcher, agency, or agencies for successful handling of a major, critical, spectacular or noteworthy incident.

Note: This award category is broken down by size of agency, reflecting the number of positions typically staffed in the center. Small: 1-4, Medium: 5-9, and Large: 10+. Please list the number of positions an agency has, if known, with your submission in this category.

Supervisor of the Year – Awarded to the supervisor who has done the most for dispatchers in a department or agency. The recipient is recognized for excelling at their job requirements and balancing the needs of the dispatch center and administration with the needs of the dispatcher.

Administrator of the Year – Awarded to the administrator who has made a significant contribution to the field of communications. Can be an administrator from any agency whose efforts have had a positive outcome for a dispatch agency of telecommunicators collectively.

Technician of the Year – Awarded to the technician or team of technicians for significant contributions to the field of communications. The recipient is recognized for efforts above and beyond the call of duty in creating or maintaining telecommunications, radio, or data networks in support of the public safety mission.

Executive Award of Merit – Awarded by the Utah Chapter APCO Executive Committee for unique contributions to public safety and communications.

Unit Citation Award – Awarded to a unit or group for accomplishments or outstanding performance at a task or project successfully handled through teamwork and cooperation. This could be several groups working together.

Distinguished Service Award – Awarded to an individual for outstanding service or efforts to public safety, telecommunicators or telecommuncations, typically over a multi-year period.

Trainer Of the Year – Awarded to the trainer who has done the most for dispatchers in a department or agency. The recipient is recognized for excelling at their job requirements and the training of the agency dispatcher.